Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol - Goodbye Paige Miles

So the journey ends for Paige Miles just as I predicted. American Idol elimination show was not without surprises. Again Andrew Garcia was safe when I thought he should have been in the bottom 3. The biggest shock was that Katie Stevens was in the bottom 3, she was quickly sent back but it was a mini shocker. I thought Katie would have had a stronger fan base but Andrew Garcia is proving to be the John Stevens of this year.

Paige Miles though was terrible and Simon put her out of her misery early. He told her that it was nothing she could do to get the judges to use the save on her. I believe that is something he was willing to use on her last week but she just got too many shots.

The strange bit was Paige Miles sung a Rolling Stones song and not the Phil Collins "Against All Odds". Which is odd and I'm not sure what was with the crazy switch of song. Last night she sung "Against All Odds" and I thought they had to sing what they last sung. I guess it doesn't matter since Paige had no way in hell to stay in the game.

I just want to say that Katie Stevens fans better wake up and smell the coffee. If you want little young old girl to stay you better vote a little more. I can't believe Andy Garcia with his horrible performance wasn't even in the bottom 3. Tim Urban was the other person in the bottom 3 rightfully so.

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