Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol Top 10 - I'll Be The Judge!

Another day of American Idol is just another day for the contestants to ruin great songs. Another day for the least talented contestants ever to suck the life out of great songs. I'm not being dramatic here, I am being real! Remember, I'm the damn judge!

1. Siobhan Magnus - She's known for her big screaming notes therefore she takes on big note Diva Chaka Khan's "Through The Fire". I knew this was bad news before she even opened her mouth. A song like "Through The Fire" just can't be remade because it has the original artist stamp all over it. Siobhan performed horrible, not only did she not come close to the original but she didn't even sing on key. She was pitchy and off key throughout the song. Simon hated her and so did I. Siobhan looked like she wanted to slit her wrist after getting the negative feedback from the judges.

2. Casey James - The blonde guy with the guitar. He went with Sam and Dave "Hold On, I'm Coming" and he was really good. The bluesy vocals and the great guitar work made me turn up the surround sound. This is the first performance where I really noticed that he's more than a gimmick. He's there to win it..well at least try!

3. Big Mike Lynch - Singing India Arie's "I Am Ready For Love". Let me say that he was damn near perfect. From the vocals to the overall performance but this is not the song choice you pick to win American Idol. It was really good but it doesn't create a moment. I'm just not diggin' this dude and I know that I'm alone but I just don't see him winning.

4. Didi Benami - Singing Jimmy Ruffin's hit song "What Becomes of a Broken Heart". In rehearsal with Usher Didi got emotional but too bad that her emotional connection to the song didn't come across in her actual performance. It was a performance that you would see at a Beauty Queen contest. It was bad, real bad Michael Jackson. It was like Rosemary Clooney attempting to sing Soul.

5. Tim Urban - Singing Anita Baker's "Sweet Love"? I just didn't get his song choice, what the hell was he thinking? Imagine a Las Vegas bootleg Frank Sinatra singing Anita Baker's "Sweet Love" while drunk! He was never on key and every note was flat. It was awful and there were nothing positive about the performance.

6. Andrew Garcia - "Forever" by Chris Brown. I didn't even recognize the song because he switched it up and made it more of a Jason Mraz type song. Andy has been performing horribly but he finally was back to himself. It was good and made me smile and nod my head in approval.

7. Katie Stevens - Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools". Let me say that I like Katie Stevens but you she or any other American Idol contestant should never touch a song by Royalty. Little Katie Stevens who is unsure of herself would never be able to touch a song that was crafted by the great Queen of Soul. The American Idol stylist also had her dressed like a 50 year old Prostitute.

8. Lee DeWyze - Poor Lee everyone forgets about his solid performances week after week. He never does anything so amazing to make anyone remember him but he has a loyal fan base that keeps him going. He never has a bad performance but he never has an amazing performance. Well all that changed tonight. He was pretty damn Amazing! Singing "Treat Her Like A Lady" by The Cornelius Brothers featuring Sister Rose.

9. Crystal Bowersox - I love Crystal because she's amazing. I was worried when I saw that she would be sitting at the Piano to sing the Gladys Knight classic "Midnight Train to Georgia". The guitar is usually Crystals instrument and she seemed a little uncomfortable on the piano. However, when she unleashed that amazingly soulful voice everything about that Piano was ignored. She really let it rip and sent chill bumps up and down my arm. Crystal is still the person to beat.

10. Aaron Kelly - I've said that Aaron Kelly reminds me of Clay Aiken but with a better voice. Singing Bill Withers standard "Ain't No Sunshine" he proved me wrong. He's no where near the voice that Clay was but he does lack the soul just like Clay. He was horribly awful and his usual sweet tone was even present.

Bottom 3 Prediction: Didi Benami, Siobahn Magnus, and Tim Urban. I think Didi Benami will finally be leaving us. She was horrible but let me say that I wouldn't be surprise if Aaron Kelly ends up in the Bottom 3 instead of Siobahn. Didi should be leaving and I believe she will be leaving.

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