Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol Top 11 - I'll Be The Judge!

Another week of American Idol with the least talented contestants ever. Guess who the Mentor was? Miley Cyrus!!! Wait, umm what? Miley Cyrus as a mentor? Well, okay I guess we get a mediocre teen star for the most untalented contestants of American Idol.

The theme night is Billboard Hot 100 #1's. Here we go, I'm the damn judge just remember that!

Lee DeWyze - Out of all the #1's this dude picks "The Letter" by the Boxtops. Vocally he was gold but stage presence he was his usual forgettable self. This is not the type of song you choose for American Idol. It's not memorable, nobody can connect to the song and it just doesn't show what type of artist you want to be or think you are.

Paige Miles - Picking the overdone "Against All Odds" Phil Collins did it originally but she was performing the Mariah Carey version. When you do something like that you must bring your A+ vocal game. That is something that my dear Paige did not do. It was the WORST performance of the season. Nothing was right about that performance. Vocally Paige was all over the place with terrible pitch and off key. She didn't have one positive moment.

Tim Urban - Also known as the boring guy with The Beatles haircut. Singing Queens "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Finally he is at least trying to be entertaining. Tim moved around the stage but unfortunately he looked like a damn fool and he even slid across the stage. Vocally I believe he was decently solid but it was so safe that solid wasn't good. His vocally solid delivery was more like below average boring.

Aaron Kelly - He reminds me of a young Clay Aiken but more likable. He was a big fan of Miley and even had a little crush. It made me like him more. Suffering with Laryngitis he picked Aerosmith "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" which is a huge ballad. Aaron has a really sweet tone and performed well with a great connection to his audience. He was a little pitchy but that's very understandable.

Crystal Bowersox - The most talented person of this season. Crystal singing Janis Joplin is truly a match made in musical heaven. Crystal tore into "Me and Bobby McGhee", starting out pretty easy and just really rocking it out. She was the best of the night which is a pretty easy thing to be but I will say she was better than last week. Vocally she is always 100% and we even got to see her reach for the higher notes and hit them too!

Big Mike Lynch - He takes on the sappy Percy Sledge "When A Man Loves A Woman" what a great song! Big Mike is always vocally solid but something is missing. I don't know if it is his lack of range or lack of soul. Big Mike has a great stage presence, where he just melts his female audience. He's likable and he performed well but I have to agree with Simon, something is missing. It was good but it just didn't move me.

Andrew Garcia - I thought he was going home last week. I was looking forward for Andy to redeem himself. Performing Marvin Gaye's "Heard It Through The GrapeVine" Andy was crappy. He gets worst every week and it damn near made my ears bleed. It was like he was reading the words and not really singing them.

Katie Stevens - The young girl that have a hard time being a young girl. I was hoping meeting Miley who is the same age as Katie would make her younger somehow. I don't know how that will work since Miley wants to be a 30 year old and Katie reminds me of a 30 year old. Singing Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" I was happy with the song choice because it was something young. Katie still sings like a 30 year old with her darker tone. It was good but her stage presence was lacking with little energy. She was dressed like she was going to the mall and not exactly entertaining but I was guess that was her and Idol stylists way of making her "look" young.

Casey James - The guy with the blonde hair and looks like a beach bum. Kara loves him and I suppose other women or girls (this is American Idol) do too. I thought it was great that he treated Miley saying: "I'm a big fan....of your dads". It was funny and she just shook her head like umm yea, thanks. Singing Huey Lewis "The Power of Love" and doing it well. However, like many that performed before him the song choice was bad and boring. It allows no audience connection and that's a very important thing in this contest. He just stood there and played his guitar. I never knew someone could be so boring with an electric guitar. He needs to watch some youtube videos of Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix and Prince and entertain us!

Didi Benami - The hot blonde chick. Didi is singing Dee Dee Warwicks "You're No Good" it was taken to the top of the charts by Linda Ronstadt. I'm way more familiar with the original by Soul singer Dee Dee Warwick (Sister of Dionne and Cousin of Whitney Houston). I was expecting soul and she doesn't have any. I knew it wasn't just me that thought she sucked because all the judges agreed with me. She wasn't good and it didn't work. The judges say she reminded them of Lacey Brown who unfortunately went home just last week! YIKES!

Siobhan Magnus - The big note girl singing Stevie Wonder's "Superstition". She was boring and vocally shaky but at the end of the song let out some of her now signature screams and yells. The crowd loved it and 3 out of 4 judges became her biggest fans. Randy, Ellen and Kara went crazy over her "killer vocals" but Simon said what was on my mind that she wasn't that good. People keep getting blinded by the big note at the end that is so predictable. Simon suggested she start the song with a big note since it is her signature. I have to agree with Simon that the notes were even that on key.

My Prediction for Bottom 3: Paige Miles, Andrew Garcia and Didi Benami. I really think that Tim Urban should be in the bottom 3 also and wouldn't be surprise if he takes a trip to the bottom. I have a feeling that he has a bigger fan base than these 3 though.

I predict that Paige Miles is going home. I would prefer to see Andy go because he should have went home last week but Paige was TERRIBLE.

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