Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Idol Top 12 - I'll Be the Judge!

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprise by the performances of tonights American Idol Top 12. I thought we were going into one of the most untalented pool of singers with this Top 12. I was however very entertained and it had to be one of the shortest hours in my life.

1. Michael Lynch - He came in the show as a front runner. A great personality and solid voice. He was nothing special today and very forgettable. He performed "Miss You" and just wasn't believable. When you are performing The Rolling Stones I expect you to be soulful and show a rawness. He showed neither and I am disappointed.

2. Didi Benami - She's the hottest chick (physically) on the show. She performed "Play With Fire" and she didn't really take a risk. I expected her to take some risks and actually play with fire. She was just okay.

3. Casey James - Performed the Bobby Womack written and Stones performed "It's All Over Now" which I thought was a pretty good song choice. Unfortunately he was just there and basically going through the motions. This was the song that could have put him in the front but he basically punked out. The best part was his soulful last note but it wasn't near enough to save the entire performance.

4. Lacey Brown - She's the red head and every regular American Idol viewer knows that red heads never win. Especially when they are crappy singers. Lacey is possibly the worse red head on the show. She performed "Ruby Tuesday".

5. Andrew Garcia - Best known for singing Paula Abduls "Straight Up". I had to actually LOL when his dad said he thought Andy would grow up and be a custodian because he collected keys. After his weak performance, I thought his dad needed to hold that broom. Andy has a great tone but he can't sing. He is in need of not only vocal practice but actual lessons. He sang most of the song flat.

6. Katie Stevens - 17 years old that has a habit of sounding old because of her darker tone. Katie Stevens doesn't have the power range of Kelly Clarkson but she's young and reminds me a lot of Katherine McPhee. Katie performed "Wild Horses" which has also been covered by Susan Boyle. It basically gave her a safe choice because she could follow what has been done by Boyle and not be creative on her own and try to do the Rolling Stones version. Vocally on "Wild Horses" she reminded me of a young Leanne Rimes.

7. Tim Urban - You talk about a forgettable guy! I actually forgot to write my review of him on this post. I didn't realize I was missing someone until I got to number 11 and remembered there is actually 12 contestants. Performed "Under My Thumb". He is the most boring and forgettable guy. He's as boring as Season 3 contestant John Stevens. That is bad!

8. Siobhan Magnus - Best known for the big note while performing "Think". Siobhan started out "Paint it Black" a little shaky but when she hit that crazy Idol glory note all was forgotten. She has this crazy range when she belts it out and it reminds me a lot of Adam Lambert from last season. She doesn't really appeal to me but I have to say she does have a great high note. I think the judges and most people were blinded by the big note because the performance was shaky and average at best.

9. Lee Dewyze - He has a forgettable look which isn't a good thing especially since he's from the Chicago area (I always support my Chicagoans). He does offer a solid voice and he offered a very good solid performance. Following the big idol glory note of Siobhan, Lee brought us down but was very good performing "Beast of Burden".

10. Paige Miles - Paige might be best known for being one of the worse performers. She's even the pick for website votefortheworst.com. With all that said, Paige proved why I always liked her. She was great! One of my favorite performances of the night. "Honky Tonk Women" proved to be the right flavor for Paige. She was miles better than all the women including glory note Siobhan. All I could say is Paige is a country singer...who knew?

11. Aaron Kelly - The baby of the show. What is he 16 or 17 at the most? I was happy to see they gave him a makeover because he really needed one. He's not as bad as Clay Aiken (looks wise) was but he's also not the singer Clay Aiken was. Aaron turns everything he sings into a Country & Western song. Performing my favorite Stones song "Angie". He gave a decent performance but he was so boring. He lacks the range to really take that song to another place like it should have been done.

12. Crystal Bowersox - She has been the front runner for a long time now. Performing the classic "You Can't Always Get What You Want" she was just as solid and raw as ever. I agree with the judges that this wasn't her best performance but her middle of the road stuff is better than everyone else best. Crystal has the fan base establish to pace herself. No sense of trying to blow every song out of the water when you can just be yourself and be better than the competition. Crystal is the most soulful singer in the competition.

My guess for the bottom 3: Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia, and Lacey Brown. I'm going to guess that Andrew Garcia is going home but Tim should really be the one. I don't know if Andy fan base is going to stay with him because he peaked way too early.


  1. What did you mean by 'not as bad as Clay Aiken was'??? Clay never sang anything 'bad' or off key. Every single performance was spot on and that's why he received 80 percent of the vote every week he was on (per TWO producers) and, if not for AI giving Ruben the 'win' by default; you would see Clay's photo up with Kelly's,Taylors, etc. at the beginning of each show.
    As for last night's performances:
    I thought that was Sioban's worst performance. Amazing how the judges will crap on someone who misses maybe one note--but she was off-key most of last night's song! I don't get it. But then, the judges are not the ones voting. I do think the finale will be between Lynche and Bowersox, with Sioban coming in 3rd.

  2. Hello Clay Aiken or Clay Aiken's only remaining fan.

    What I meant is that he's not as bad looking as Clay Aiken. Do you remember Clay Aiken before the Idol make-over? YIKES!