Friday, March 19, 2010

the Beatles - Great Songwriters but Mostly Overrated

I’m sure as soon as you read the title you named about 5 songs why the Beatles aren’t overrated. I do believe that the Beatles were talented but I just don’t see the major hype. They didn’t play their instruments extremely well, and they didn’t sing amazingly well. They were an okay band with average voices at best. I’ll give it to you they wrote some good songs but they aren’t George Gershwin or hell even Bob Dylan.

When I think of great compositions I do think “Imagine” but that was written by John Lennon and is solely his work. “Yesterday” is hands down their best song but it doesn’t include any voice but Paul McCartney and didn’t rely on any of the band for the instrumentation. If this was an argument I would let you say the Beatles had great songs.

I just can’t wrap my heads around them being appealing to anyone but white bread America at that time. I don’t hate the Beatles but bland Pop doesn’t appeal to me. When I think of great 1960’s rock, I think of the Stones. Now The Rolling Stones they are amazing! I’m not offended when people compare the Jonas Brothers to the Beatles: Two Pop groups but of course as we know the Beatles on this mighty pedestal (rightfully so if you think Pop and think of Sales). Kings of Sales they are! I mean who would have thought so many people would be interested in monotone voices with decent instrumentations to go along with it?

Every time I hear a Beatles composition, I think of so many talented singers that could have done it better and the covers that were a million times better. Have you ever seen the performance (search youtube) of the legendary Ella Fitzgerald cover “Hey Jude”? After hearing her version you soon realize how terrific that song is. Aretha Franklin on “Let It Be” (This Girls in Love with You album) is truly amazing and the words hit you like a brick to your face. Maybe you say I just like fat black women singers but just know this: These aren’t just any fat black women singers they are the best and the Beatles are just overrated under talented great songwriters. Michael Jackson also did “Come Together” better than the Beatles, so suck rocks Beatles fans!

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