Monday, March 22, 2010

Birdlegs and Pauline - Spring

Pauline Shivers Pictured in White

It's officially Spring and I know my fellow Chicagoans it really doesn't feel like it but it still is. I'm sure it feels like spring somewhere. Well I just want to share this little Soul/Jazz gem with you. Birdlegs and Pauline was a husband and wife duo out of Rockford, IL. This little gem became a #18 R&B charter. The duo Birdlegs and Pauline went on to open and tour with legendary artists B.B. King and another husband and wife duo Ike & Tina Turner!

Pauline Shivers is my late and very talented Aunt. As the song says "I Feel like Spring is coming on, I feeling it all in my bones" It might not feel like Spring now but it's coming baby!

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  1. I remember my aunt well !! She once lived with my mom (her older sister, who encouraged her career, WOW!! memories.