Thursday, March 4, 2010

R&B/Pop Singer Chilli From TLC New Reality TV SHOW

Check it out the preview/trailer of Chilli from R&B/Pop group TLC new reality dating show. It looks like it's a little different from the shows of Flava Flav and Ray J. Instead of a house full of men trying to win her love, she's being set up by a match-maker. However it looks like a better show for Chilli would have been VH1's "Tough Love". She wants a man that doesn't eat pork, doesn't smoke or drink? Really?

I'll be watching but that doesn't say much because I watch just about all of the foolishness reality tv shows because well we all need a little foolishness in our lives.


  1. I'm so gonna watch this! Cause like you said: 'we all need a little foolishness in our lives' ;-)

  2. Ha ha ha We do! It's so much easier when the foolishness in your life is on tv because you can just turn it off.