Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Songs the American Idol Top 10 Should Have Picked

I'm pretty much an expert on R&B/Soul music. Yes, I'm going to use a little time to pat myself on the back. Don't hate because this is just what I do. When I started listening to music, I mean really listening to music, most children my age was heavy into The Spice Girls. I never did understand their appeal because I was busy listening to Smokey Robinson, Chaka Khan, Teena Marie, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. I also loved blues and like just about every black kid in Chicago, Gospel music.

These are the songs I would have picked for the Top 10 because most just didn't have an idea what to pick.

1. Siobhan Magnus - She should have went for Lisa Stansfield - "Been Around The World". It would have allowed the audience to get into the song because it's faster but it would have also allowed her to use her upper range. Lisa Stansfield was a white girl with Soul but she was an untouchable Soul like Chaka Khan!

2. Casey James - He did great and his choice was good but it could have been better. Solomon Burke - Tonights The Night it's a slower song but it has a great bluesy guitar and vocals. He likes the blues and this is even closer to Blues than his Sam & Dave pick. This would have allowed his voice to shine more. To dig deep into that raspy blues voice of his.

3. Big Mike Lynch - While Big Mike performed his India Arie pick perfectly, it's just not a choice you pick to win American Idol. Big Mike needed to ditch the Guitar and that tight ass leather jacket. He should have performed R Kelly's "Bump N Grind". The ladies would have ate it up and singing that first part "My minds telling me no but my bodys telling me yes" would have proved that he has the voice and he's there to win it.

4. Didi Benami - She's so odd but she does have a voice. Would have loved to hear her do Natalie Cole's "I've Got Love On My Mind". Do it with the original arrangement with no gimmicks. Stand there, sing and let the music build.

5. Tim Urban - Picking a song for Tim is hard even harder than finding one for Didi. Actually it's not that hard because last night I thought why are you singing Anita Baker? He should have went with the Smokey Robinson & The Miracles classic "You Really Got A Hold On Me". I heard the Beatles do this song before. Vocally he's no different from Paul soul. The young girls would have ate this up.

6. Andrew Garcia - It's hard picking a song for Andy because he has the ability to change whatever song you choose. Sometimes he changes them for better and sometimes he strips all the realness out of it. He did good on the Chris Brown pick but he could have done better. The Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze would have really put him on another level. He could have combined the original by Seals and Croft and the Soul packed version of The Isley Brothers.

7. Katie Stevens - Oh I like Katie and her horrible pick in that Aretha Franklin "Chain of Fools" is what made me start writing down the choices these contestants should have picked. Katie would have done great if she didn't allow the Idol stylists not to dress her like a prostitute. Jeans, a nice top and high heels would have been all she needed if she would have picked: Alicia Keys "Teenage Love Affair". The song is already young and hip. She has a darker tone just like Alicia Keys.

8. Lee DeWyze - I root for him not only because he's from Chicago but because he's actually talented. He has an even more bluesy raspy rock voice than Casey James. He would have been great on Bobby Womack's "That's The Way I Feel About You". If he would have sung this everyone would be talking about "Did you see that white boy with Soul?"

9. Crystal Bowersox - Damn she's so great and doesn't really need help picking music. I would have had her leave that piano alone though because she just wan't comfortable on it. Would have loved to see her and her guitar tear into another Gladys Knight song "I've Got To Use My Imagination".

10. Aaron Kelly - He was terrible and I had more hope for his voice but singing the Karaoke favorite "Ain't No Sunshine" is not a way to win this competition. That song also belongs to Bill Withers and when I say belong...I mean nobody sounds good on it. He's another person that should have just stood there and sung. Major Harris "Love Won't Let Me Wait" would have allowed him to show his sweet tone and just sing.

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