Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 7 - I'll Be The Judge (MY RANT)

Oh wait I guess I can't really be the judge because I only seen half of the show. Well technically I didn't even see half of the show. I have to apologize to my readers because this show is just so boring and I've found myself doing everything but watching American Idol.

Most of these contestants are a joke and they have no chance in making it to be the next American Idol champion or a successful music artists.

You have Siobahn Magnus who has the qualities of a one hit wonder because she's nothing but a one trick pony. With her one big note yet she struggles to even sing on key. They would like you to believe that she's a gifted torch singer like a Celine Dion but she can't even manage to successfully belt a song, instead relying on her falsetto.

Lee Dywze, my fellow Chicagoan has a solid voice but he's the most boring contestant since John Stevens and more forgettable than Scott Savol (Who? Season 4, he made it to the Top 5).

Tim Urban, has to be one of the least talented contestants since Jon Peter Lewis. With his Beatles like floppy hair and Jonas brothers monotone voice.

Big Michael Lynch, who is probably best known for being this huge guy, who is suppose to be a trainer but looks like he could Kanye's work out plan. Would you really go to a personal trainer that was fat? He's so big and awkward with what looks like a little kids guitar. He doesn't have the Soul of a R&B singer but he's not quite Darius Rucker either. He picks terrible song choices because he's confused his damn self. What type of artist is he? The answer is a sucky one.

Aaron Kelly, a untalented version of Clay Aiken. I was pulling for this young guy in the beginning but the more I pulled the more he sucked. He's actually nothing like Clay Aiken but more like Season 5's Kevin Covais. Remember him? Nope!

Casey James, It took me sometime to learn this guys name but I tell you one thing. He is more of an artist than anyone else that I named.

Crystal Bowersox will be the next American Idol unless she quits. She is soulful, amazing, talented and so far above the rest. She has no competition and while she could coast to a win, she's not. She is putting her all and all in every performance she gives. Singing The Impressions classic "People Get Read", Crystal was emotional and she gave me chills. If you don't feel something from when she performs especially on this performance, you might want to check your soul because you might not have one. The performance will go down in American Idol history. It reminds of the time when Fantasia performed "Summertime". It was a moment in Idol history.

I'm not sure how well my predictions will be since I didn't get the opportunity to really observe the all of the contestants. Here is my Bottom 3: Aaron Kelly, Big Michael Lynch and Tim Urban. I could see either 3 going home and wouldn't be surprise if Siobahn Magnus was in the bottom 3 also. This should be the day that sends Big Mike Lynch home because I did hear his performance and was not moved at all. My pick is Big Mike Lynch but I get a feeling that Aaron Kelly is going.