Monday, April 12, 2010

Cup of Soul - Natalie Cole - I've Got Love On My Mind [LIVE]

A Cup of Soul is great in the morning but it's just as good in the middle of the day. Here is Natalie Cole, the daughter of Nat King Cole and once hailed as "the next Aretha Franklin". Well 2 out of 1 isn't bad, right?

She might not ever be on The Queen of Soul's level but she is the daughter of a King so princess isn't bad...right? Anyway she puts her foot in this live version of her classic song. I love Natalie Cole the Jazz singer but I wish she makes one more pure R&B album.


  1. I think Natalie Cole is an underrated artist. Her earlier work especially in the 70's is really remarkable. I know Aretha doesn't think too kindly of her, but Natalie has skills of her own. Nice pick for Morning Cup of Soul.

  2. That's false that Aretha doesn't think too kindly of her. Natalie Cole was actually singing at her honor not too long ago.

    I just think in the 70's the female R&B singer had a lot of competition. Especially in the mid and late 70's with the music changing (disco).

    Got to love Natalie though. She's very underrated.