Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whitney Houston is Sounding Pretty Good

It's so many words you can use to describe Whitney Houston: Diva, troubled, amazing, terrible, crack head, crack is cheap, Wonderful, Just Whitney but today I'll call her Pretty Good. It's hard to listen to the media when you know that they love the story of a train wreck celebrity. America loves a good comeback but they also love a good train wreck.

Whitney Houston doesn't have her birdlike tone or those all American girlish looks anymore. She's aged, has a middle age woman tummy and has a rougher tone. If you're expecting to hear the Whitney of the mid 80's or early 90's you might be very disappointed. However, if you're looking for Whitney to sound like her last album, the #1 debuting "I Look To You", you will enjoy this performance.

Here is Whitney Houston in Nottingham on her current "Nothing But Love" 2009-2010 Tour. She's singing the titled track "I Look To You". Even hitting the falsetto. Go Whitney!

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