Monday, May 24, 2010

Morning Cup of Funny

I'm possibly going to hell for this but this is the funniest thing I seen on youtube in a while. It's a Rap Battle between two very "slow" rappers. I think one is seriously handicapped but his rap is also very funny. Check it yourself and join me in


  1. OMG! What the hell was that? Eli's eyes scared me. It was like he was demonic or something. I have NO WORDS for this "battle". I think both of these dudes are mentally challenged. And why did the host continuously put his arm around the "middle" judge? I am at a serious LOSS. Serious! This is what happens when public access channels on cable go wrong. Horribly wrong!

  2. Eli is a beast! "It's like Rosie Odonnell at a Bi-Sexual bridal shower." Classic rhymes prove that hip hop is still alive.LOL

    No but serious I think they are all developmentally challenge. Public Access channels are something special...that's all I'll say.