Sunday, May 9, 2010

Music Celebrates All Types of Mothers

My Mom

As you can see I’m back up and blogging. My short hiatus is now over and I’m back. Since it is Mother’s day and I think in music. I started talking about actually I started tweeting about songs that celebrate mothers. There is a song for everything and every mother too!

The most popular has to be The Intruder’s classic “I’ll Always Love My Mama”. However, there is more songs to pick from. For the Baby Mama’s, Fantasia has you covered with her song “Baby Mama”. The song is celebrating Baby Mama’s for keeping it going even with lack of a man/father figure for the child. I guess Baby Mama’s need to be celebrated to.

For the crack head mama’s, Tupac has you covered with the hip hop classic “Dear Mama”. He raps “Even though you were a crack fiend, you were always a black queen mama”. Hey, I guess even crack heads love their children…right? For the Hip Hop Mama’s, my boy Kanye West has you covered with “Hey Mama”. He raps “I want to tell the whole world about a friend of mine, This little light of mine.” My mama is my friend too!

Not to be left out and never to be forgotten is the mothers that are no longer on the earth. While I do have my mother and I’m so thankful I do. I think about my grandmother who passed away many years ago. That’s why I play The Spinners “Sadie”. Your mother might not be named Sadie as my grandmother wasn’t but those lyrics tell the story of many mothers. “Early one Sunday morning, breakfast was on the table, there were no time to eat, she said to me boy hurry to Sunday School.” Who else is “Sweeter than Cotton Candy and Stronger than Papa’s old Brandy”.

Happy Mother’s Day

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  1. I think this is a nice tribute to all mothers in the context of song. We all need to be recognized because it definetely is not an easy job.