Saturday, May 22, 2010

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: VV Brown is A Pop Star in the Making with SOUL

If modern soul singers Melanie Fiona and Jazmine Sullivan had a child it would be VV Brown. VV Brown is a hot talent from England, both a singer, songwriter and model (she stands 5’11). She’s so odd and different but she can sing and has soul. There are a lot of awkward looking Pop singers especially with the success of Lady Gaga and now Ke$ha. The different between VV Brown and The Gaga and Ke$ha is that VV Brown has soul.

Check out VV Brown performing an acoustic version of her hit single (in England) “Shark in The Water”. I think you’ll really like her as I did when someone told me to check her out. P Diddy has already tried to sign her and luckily that didn’t happen (you know Diddy kills talent).

It is my wish that VV Brown does come to the U.S. but only under a label that will allow her to be who she is. She needs the right opportunity not just a major label because with talent and style like hers she will be major anywhere she goes. I look forward to seeing more of VV Brown.

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