Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taylor Hicks, Kara Dioguardi, Ellen: How American Idol was Ruined

Many R&B lovers truly stopped watching American Idol after Fantasia won (Season 3). It’s not that Fantasia made them stop watching because a lot of R&B lovers love Fantasia. She had that kick off your shoes type soul and roll on the ground that reminds you of Patti Labelle. The R&B/Soul lovers just saw American Idol for what it was worth when Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, and LaToya London was all put in the bottom 3.

The rest of American Idol watchers would soon be just as pissed when Taylor Hicks actually won American Idol (Season 5) over the way more talented Katherine McPhee. This was the official beginning of the end for American Idol. Season 6 brought a very talented group but Jordin Sparks was destine to win because of her sweet vocals with the cutest most marketable face that Idol has ever seen. She screams Disney Channel! Season 7 winner David Cook beating out fan favorite David Archuleta was a shock but people were really tired of American Idol at this point.

Kara Dioguardi was introduced as a 4th judge in Season 8 and we all smelled that they were trying to replace our golden girl Paula Abdul. The black horse Kris Allen beats the fan favorite Adam Lambert and at the finale Kara Dioguardi battles “Bikini girl” and this is really when I knew Idol would be over.

Fast forward to season 9 where Paula Abdul has a disagreement over money with American Idol producers and leaves the show. Ellen is brought in to replace Paula Abdul who we should note has absolutely no music experience. The first day of Ellen on American Idol is also the day Simon Cowell announces he’s leaving American Idol because as he stated on Oprah recently: “He’s bored”. Now if he’s bored as a man who is making tons of money from the show, what the hell do you think the viewers feel? Boredom is an understatement my dear Simon Cowell.

My next post will include my ideas on how to save American Idol. Stay tuned!


  1. This is the most poorly written article I have read in my entire 13 years of reading jibberish on the internet.

  2. Well that is saying a lot! Thank you and please come again. I look forward to writing more "jibberish" for you Jimbo!

  3. Jibberish is right, the idea of McPhee more talented than Hicks, hahahahahaha
    Hey I like Kat but get real. And get over it, Hicks is multi talented . We love him and follow all he does. And making 3.5 million off Grease is not too shabby. Really looking forward to his music festivals and new music. Just a great guy.

  4. Taylor Hicks has to be one of the worse winners of American Idol. The only person that has sold less than Mr Soul Patrol is the most boring winner Kris Allen.

    Taylor Hicks has failed to even make a dent in the charts when it comes to singles (you know the songs people actually listen to on the radio?).