Friday, July 30, 2010

American Idol Rumors: Kara DioGuardi fired & Her Big Name Replacement

Reportedly Kara DioGuardi has been fired and her replacement is a big name actress, dancer and singer (I'll use singer loosely). Can you guess who it is?

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly Kara DioGaurdi's replacement! I'm guessing since Paula Abdul is gone American Idol wants another former America's Sweetheart. I'm guessing Jennifer Lopez will serve as the same type of motherly role as Paula Abdul served in the past.


  1. Wow and wow. I kinda like Kara. She grew on me during the second season. I think Jenny Lo Lo would add a new zest to the show. Guess we will have to wait and see how this whole thing plays out.

  2. I've never been a regular Idol viewer but I doubt adding JLo or Steven Tyler will provide the major makeover the show needs. For some reason, with Simon abandoning ship it seems like the show is doomed.

  3. In my head I have a perfect Judge lineup that will give new life to the show. I think Jennifer Lopez would be a nice addition. I'm not crazy about Steven Tyler and I'm a huge fan of Aerosmith. I just think he should stick to singing and rocking out.