Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Darlene Love Talks: Elvis, Tom Jones, Sam Cooke, Phil Spector, Aretha Franklin

I ran across this conversation with the wonderful Miss Darlene Love. She is truly one of those underrated legends. She has sung background for everybody and I mean everybody from Elvis and Tom Jones to Aretha Franklin and even Gene Autry!

You might not know the name but you do no the voice and the face. Darlene Love is the voice behind Phil Spector mega hit credited as The Crystals "He's A Rebel" was a major #1 hit and Darlene tells the story about how she wasn't able to make any money off the hit. 

Darlene also tells two very juicy stories about sex symbols at the time: Tom Jones and Elvis Presley. Just a little hint both of those guys wanted a little "brown sugar".

Richard Fidler from ABC really provides a free flowing conversation type interview. Check it out!

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