Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eric Benet back with "Sometimes I Cry"

Eric Benet is always going 100% on the music tip. This dude is extremely talented yet so underrated. He's one of the premier R&B/Soul vocalist. He's always true to himself as a artist.

Here is Eric Benet "Sometimes I Cry", breaking out that old school Maxwell/Prince falsetto. This is a beautiful song and Eric Benet is SANGING the his ass off. You have to give this man a round of applause for this song!

"Sometimes I Cry" is the first single from the album "Lost In Time" expected to be released in September.
Call your radio stations and request this song if they are not already wearing it out!


  1. Okay, I love me some Eric Benet! He is a very talented guy who is extremely underrated. I am looking forward to hearing his latest project. Thanks for the link to the new track.

  2. Since Love & Life I've been waiting to hear a continuation of Eric Benet's musical magic. This song is that continuation. I'm impatiently looking forward to the CD.

  3. You're welcome. Eric Benet made it on my list of artists you slept on for the decade. http://www.thefreshmusicpage.com/2009/12/ten-r-singers-you-slept-on-for-decade.html

  4. I'm so excited for Eric's new album, but definitely don't want to wait until September :( I recently watched the video for "Sometimes I Cry" (bit.ly/bkRYUC) and am wondering, too, if this was written for Halle.

    Regardless, he's got such an amazing voice! Love you, Eric! :)