Monday, July 19, 2010

Feel Free To Comment

I wanted to be sure that all readers of knew that this is a open forum. Feel free to comment! If you disagree with some I've written, want to add to what I have written, or agree, please feel free to make a comment. 

You may want to tell me I'm so wonderful and spot on in my writings. That is always welcome. You also might want to say I'm an idiot and a 10 year old understands music better than I do. Well that is also welcome.

I write this blog because I love music and I love discussing music. 


  1. Well you know I will leave a comment in a heartbeat and I try to visit your blog and post comments as much as I can because it is essential to bloggers to get feedback.

  2. D, you're so wonderful and spot on in your writings! :-D

    No, seriously...I do visit your blog frequently and I should comment more often! I will!