Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Morning Cup of Soul - Mariah Carey - Emotions

This is classic Mariah Carey right here. Big curly hair with the killer high notes. In 1991 she was called everything from the new Minnie Riperton to the new Whitney Houston. She was actually a combination of both vocally. She could belt it out as good as any Soul singer and then she would hit those Minnie Riperton high notes that is now known as "Whistle Register".


  1. I just Facebook'd last week that I missed the "old" Mariah. The one with the lion mane, killer voice, and even more awesome lyrics. I wish she would phone home. We miss her.

  2. Man, Mariah is on that "Get Money" now. I do miss the old Mariah, especially music wise. I wish she would put out a "Vision of Love" type ballad.