Monday, August 2, 2010

Diana Ross: A Musical Tribute to her friend Michael Jackson

Here is Diana Ross live in concert 6/9/2010. I previously wrote months ago how it seems like Miss Ross was absent from the public tributes even his memorials. Well, here is her personal tribute in a public display to the King of Pop and her dear friend Michael Jackson.

Diana sings her own hit previously wrote for the passing of Marvin Gaye and she also takes on the Michael Jackson classic "You Are Not Alone". She absolutely kills it (in the best way possible), She should really consider recording "You Are Not Alone". She puts a totally new spin on the song.
The music starts around the 4:35 mark

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  1. Ms. Ross has already recorded "You Are Not Alone", many years before Michael died...unfortunately it was not released in the United States; it is available here on a compilation collection called "The Voice of Love".