Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Morning Cup of Funny: Lady In Hat Tears It Up

I decided to change it up this morning. I might do the Morning Cup of Soul later but right now it's about a Morning Cup of Funny! This cracks me up because it reminds me of the many small church choirs that I've seen through my years.

The choir really isn't so bad sounding. The choir is singing to a keyboard instrumental. You know the kind that come prerecorded on the keyboard? Even that isn't the funny part, well to music snobs...maybe. It's when the Lady In The Hat gets her solo that makes me laugh until tears squirt out of my eyes. She starts at a low alto growl, really get to feeling the song and shoot up to a err Minnie Riperton/Leona Lewis high. 

You have to love this! Skip to about 4:15 Not quite when the Lady in The Hat gets the mic. It's important that you get to rocking to the song before my girl in the Church Hat gets her shine!

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