Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Views on Music & Life by Demetrius "afreshmusic" Williams

These are my opinions and you can agree or disagree freely without worrying about being attacked.

Alicia Keys got married and I still view her as a slut. Her husband Swizz Beatz finally got divorced but it came after months of his affair with Alicia Keys. I don’t care if him and his wife were separated. One thing I was taught is married means just that, married. You don’t mess with married people. With that said, it does not change my views of her music. She’s still one of my favorites.

Eric Benet new song “Sometimes I Cry” is my absolute favorite current song. At the ending of last year I wrote about how Eric Benet is one of the most successful underrated artists of the decade. Hopefully this new song and his soon to be released new disc will get him more spotlight.

While on a road trip I recently heard John Legend and my girl Melanie Fiona covering the classic Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes “Wake Up Everybody”. It was horrible and the worst I have ever heard Melanie Fiona. Her voice sounded forced and I mistakenly thought it was Keyshia Cole. John Legend was boring and together they brought nothing to the classic song. If you can’t bring anything new to a song, you should leave it alone.

At a family reunion it amazes me that Frankie Beverly and Maze is still the group of choice to get everyone dancing. I don’t care how many young folks out number the old folks. It doesn’t even matter if the old folks enjoy modern music. There is nothing like some Frankie Beverly and Maze to get old and young out of their lawn chairs for a dance.

Lady Gaga is an idiot. Any reader of this blog know that I have high respect for Lady Gaga as an artist. I think she’s both talented and interesting. With that said I read an interview (via Rolling Stone) where she says she uses drugs. She went on to say that she doesn’t condone or endorse her fans to use drugs. Personal message to “The Gaga”: Dear Gaga get some professional help or you will be the next has-been celebrity on Dr. Drew’s sober house.

Well that’s it for my opinions on music & life. Until next time: stay fresh people!


  1. I love this post! You should do more of these! :-)

    I agree with you saying that people shouldn't mess with married people... (of course I would, I'm married myself!) However, calling Alicia a slut?! I don't know about that one!

  2. Ha ha ha I know Alicia is your "best friend" in your head. But if she was messing with your husband...I think slut would be the least of the words you would call her. Maybe slut is the wrong word and homewrecker would be better but slut just slides out

    I hope to post more of these. Thanks Kizzy!

  3. I think most people wouldn't be able to separate Alicia Keys the person from Alicia Keys the musician. We're all entitled to our opinion but I like the fact that you don't discredit her music because of her lifestyle choices.

    In terms of Eric Benet, I've never been much of a fan. Someone that I think is underrated is definitely Ryan Leslie. He was amazing in person. So many singers sound so much different live, but I was blown away that he was BETTER!

  4. Eric Benet is the truth. Ryan Leslie does not impress me one bit. Eric Benet writes from the heart. Have you heard "Sometimes I Cry"? That's a wonderful song. The vocals are killer as well.