Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AMERICAN IDOL NEWS - Jennifer Lopez Signs Deal

TMZ.com is reporting that the deal is finally finish. Jennifer Lopez will be a judge on American Idol for the upcoming season. Reportedly signing a one year deal for $12 million! Wow, that's some nice cash for one year. I was hoping for Whitney Houston but I can see Jennifer Lopez stepping into the former role of Paula Abdul. Except Jennifer Lopez brings a little more feisty into the role of "loving motherly" judge.


  1. Wow, I am glad they were able to come to terms with a deal. I heard they had called off the negotiations because Jenny Lo Lo was asking for too much and being a diva.

    Wonder who will be replacing Simon and Kara now. AI, I am available!

  2. I recently heard that those rumors were false and that someone was just trying to create bad press for J.LO. (It was extremely believable though).

    I don't believe they will be replacing Kara though. I think they are returning back to the 3 judge format. Randy Jackson is returning, Jennifer Lopez and whoever they chose to replace Simon.