Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Morning Cup of Soul - R Kelly - When A Woman Loves

When I first heard the title of R Kelly's newest single "When A Woman Loves" it made me think of a very boring song by Patti Labelle of the same name. Which of course gave me this negative reaction to the song. I just didn't want to hear it. Well I finally gave it a listen and you should too.

I have to admit R. Kelly can hardly do any wrong (musically) to me. I am a big supporter of "Kells". The man is a modern day musical legend. He truly is but I was rather disappointed in his last album release "Untitled". With this new song "When A Woman Loves" he's returning to a more mature sound that he developed with "Step In The Name of Love".

In the video R Kelly channels the smooth style of David Ruffin of The Temptations. From the clean cut suit to the black framed glasses. The song puts you in the mind of Otis Redding and Al Green. The only negative about this song is at times it seems forced. Slightly over-dramatic, it doesn't have that natural flow that a Otis Redding or Al Green song does. With that said I do love his mature return and focus. Can't wait until the album: "Love Letter"


  1. Didn't he have a track waaaay back with the same title? Or something similar at least...It was a horrible song!
    Haven't heard this one yet. Hope it's better! :-D

  2. I'm in agreement with you, he can't do wrong musically with me either. Many people have given me the side eye over the years for enjoying him so much, but I've always stood firm that his musical ability and his personal life were separate in my mind. I think he's a musical genius... and like many that are talented, they oftentimes do have intense personal struggles.

  3. @Kizzy R Kelly had a song called "When A Woman's Fed Up" but I loved that song too. This new song When A Woman Loves" is much different from the other though. It's very throwback soul.

    @South Loop Social Light: I agree with you. R Kelly is the sh*t in my book

  4. Gosh, I JUST noticed that you posted the music video! So I can actually listen to it ;-)