Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jennifer Hudson - You Put A Move On My Heart [NEW]

Let me tell you I've been wanting to get my hands/ears on this since I heard Jennifer covered this song. I'm sure all you fresh music lovers are familiar with the Tamia version from Quincy Jones "Q's Juke Joint". Here is the Jennifer Hudson version and I'm actually disappointed in it. Her delivery of the vocals is good and she's even hitting the big notes but the production just screwed one of my favorite ballads.

Quincy Jones handed production over to Akon. Which for me has ruined a great song. Tamia's version was a slow drag intimate ballad sung passionately. Jennifer's version is a overproduced dance track. It takes a lot to make Jennifer raw soul vocals sound "Pop". 

Every song is not meant to be Pop or a dance track. I'm hoping that there will be a ballad version of this song available. Quincy Jones "Soul Bossa Nostra" will be available everywhere tomorrow 11/9/2010

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