Thursday, November 18, 2010

Morning Cup of Soul - Jeannie Reynolds - The Fruit Song

Here some classic underground soul with Jeannie Reynolds singing her famous Fruit Song. She croons "Ooo I didn't know you liked cherries" making fruit sound oh so sexy. Vocally she always reminded me of a combination of Marlena Shaw and Miss Nancy Wilson. This is just a great funk/soul/disco/jazzy groove. This is one of those Chicago stepping songs and it is still played in any hole in the wall with a over 30 crowd.

The Fruit Song became the late Jeannie Reynolds signature song in 1973. Jeannie's brother is LJ Reynolds of The Dramatics.

Tragically, Jeannie Reynolds took her two children's lives before committing suicide in 1980 in a drug related incident.


  1. Wow, she did that? :-(

    Never heard this song before, but I like it! :p

  2. 'What, you didn't know I liked bananas?'

    'I like bananas, they're so good to munch'

    Hhahaha! WOW!