Monday, December 27, 2010

Morning Cup of Soul: Teena Marie - You Blow Me Away

You Blow Me Away” from her Cash Money records release “Sapphire” is my favorite ballad from Teena Marie since her 1994 independent album release “Passion Play”. Not many artists could make a song in 2006 that can be played along side their best material and not be lacking.

On “You Blow Me Away” dedicated to her mentor Rick James, Lady T croons passionately until she breaks down and finally says it: “I love you”. This is a killer track!


  1. Hmm, that is incorrect. Blondie was the first woman to rap on the track 'Rapture' which was released in January 1981 according to Wikipedia. She even gave a shot out to Fab Five Freddie (later would be host on YO MTV Raps) in her verse (he was also in the video). Unless Square Biz was released in January 1981, Blondie was the first. :)

  2. And the album that Rapture was on was released in 1980 so even still, it was the first track with a woman rapping on it.

    Love me some Blondie. RIP Teena.