Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol Season 10: My Review and Thoughts [New Orleans]

Today American Idol came on quite dramatic with just a piano, a shot of a man on the piano and finally the man sings an off key tears filled version of “Smile”. American Idol Producers are attempting at a funny opening. It confused me and made me a little sad for this guy that they tell us isn’t going to Hollywood (obviously).

New Orleans – The first thing I notice is that Jennifer Lopez looks quite stunning in a red top.

First audition is a 21 year old black guy who is a vocal and piano teacher. He has a golden voice and a very nice jazz styling. One of the best auditions I’ve heard this season and one of the best renditions of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” (on American Idol). He gave Jennifer Lopez “goose bumps all over [her] body”.  He of course had 3 yeses and went to Hollywood. I expect big things from this guy.

…and let the nuts begin! The fat chick that thinks she sings like Jennifer Hudson and a couple other nuts that I paid little attention to.

A Lady in red with big lips and now the Steven Tyler family resemblance jokes. She went with a Bob Dylan tune. She had a voice that reminds me of P!nk. She had a nice quality to her voice and good control too. 3 yeses and now off to Hollywood.

Next guy has a first generation American who has a crush on Jennifer Lopez and referred to her as a “Goddess”. He sang some song in Spanish. Couldn’t understand him but it was a passionate song and he was good. After he got his 3 yeses he takes his shirt off for Jennifer Lopez. Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler got in on the act. Randy raising his shirt really scared the hell out of me.

We learn that Randy Jackson was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The first contestant is the niece of Randy Jackson’s high school football coach. She sung “I’ll Stand by You” and had a sweet tone. Tripped over a note or two but she was good. 3 Yeses and she was off to Hollywood.

Uh-oh here comes some nut with crazy Carrot Top type hair with a guitar. Tells a sad story about being picked on at school and sends a nice encouraging message to children that are victims of bullies. All I kept thinking was this fool better be talented. He was told to “go” and he started to sing. I could finally exhale: this guy was talented! 3 Yeses and off to Hollywood!

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance by weird hair guy that thinks he looks like Steven Tyler. He was weird and while he wasn’t horrible: he wasn’t good. 3 Yeses

…and now it’s time for some creepy and untalented people. Did I mention how stunning Jennifer Lopez looked today? Wow!

We learn that there is a American Idol camp. Unfortunately this guy that attended cannot sing at all. Yikes! Jennifer Lopez must have taught vocal lessons. 3 No’s and no trip to Hollywood for this guy.

Next: A chunky 15 year old singing “Sitting on top the bay”, looking like the white Ruben Studdard. I don’t think he could win but the kid did have a nice voice. He had a couple of nice R&B riffs. 3 Yeses and they gave the kid a trip to Hollywood

At this point I begun to wonder about the talent of this season. I wonder is American Idol producers holding back the really talented people for next round? Can this group so far compare to Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson? There was some talented people we’ve seen so far but nobody that stood out like those contestants (most winners of Idol) I mentioned.

Back to the last contestant of the day: another sad story. Another pretty girl crying (beginning to be the American Idol theme). She’s very attractive but I wasn’t sold on her talent. She had some good parts but kind of boring. I know she was emotional and well I could tell. However, it wasn’t the emotional performance that Fantasia delivered as a contestant. 3 Yeses and off to Hollywood. (I would have said Yes too). 

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