Thursday, January 6, 2011

Singer Tyrese Compares Fat People to Crackheads!

Give a celebrity a twitter and watch them make a fool of themselves. Tyrese is the latest celebrity to confuse his celebrity and twitter following count with the idea that he’s some type of self-help expert. In a late night rant singer/actor Tyrese Gibson rants about food addiction and compares it to people addicted to crack.

In his own words:

Answer this question... You ever see someone get SOOOOOOO Hooked on drugs to a point when they STOP caring about the way they look?? THis is what's CRAZY...... I've sat here and read ALL of your responses and NONE or you associated any of those ADDICTIONS to FOOD... Before you respond... I want you ALL to NOT reply just hear me out on these next few tweets.. . Here we go When I'm about to say I mean NO DISRESPECT to ANYONE.. I repeat ANYONE... If you have a form of handicap, or a medical issue or some type of mental illness etc.. This doesn't ply but HEAR OUT!! Most people LOOK DOWN.. On people who are HOOKED on DRUGS, like as you said Crack, heroin, pills, alcohol , etc.. But NEVER cont.. Look at themselves when it comes to their UNCONTROLLABLE EATING HABBITS as a DRUG.. Think about this. At wht point did u look in the mirror and just say FUCK IT.!!!! I don't car WHAT this food is doing to the way I LOOK i'm gonna KEEP EATING Like a CRACK HEAD.. When you SMOKE too much crack or do too many drugs you are SO HOOKED it ALTERS YOUR LOOK.. And you STILL WON'T STOP!!! There are people RIGHT NOW that we ALL KNOW that are 3 or 400 pounds and like drugs have lost complete control of their EATING HABBITS It's not about living up to public images that's NOT what this is about.. When YOU know you are NOT the BEST VERSIOn of YOU.. Food- is todays crack, heroin, pain killers, ex pills, and every other drug out there.. There is NO DIFFERENT when you can't STOP YOURSELF
So Fresh People what do you think of Tyrese rant? See, I always thought that today’s crack was actually crack. No doubt obesity is a problem in our society but comparing someone who is overweight to a crackhead? I’m going to have to object to that situation but then again look who said it. It’s not worth arguing with an idiot. I think this is another case of a celebrity that needs to stay in their lane.


  1. Tyrese needs to learn how to spell before he tries to preach and tell others what to do. I followed him for one day a few years ago and unfollowed with the quickness because of his overly preachy and condescending tone. When I see his RT's complete with his misspellings, I cringe.

  2. His spelling is as bad as his recording career but not as horrible as his acting. I don't follow him and a friend pointed me in the direction of his foolish tweets.

    I'm actually surprise other blogs didn't pick up on this. However, it seems like this isn't his first time saying foolish things for attention.

  3. Why do you have to take it there! He is comparing food to a drug, to an addiction, then you have to go and say he's talking about the people! I understand exactly what he is saying! I've had issues with my weight for years, i'm not overweight but wish i was slimmer. I got to the point where i would purposely throw up because i felt so bad after eating. I'd say to myself, i'm not going to eat some particular food (whatever it may have been) and the urge i felt was terrible and i always ending up eating it, feeling fat then either sulking or forcing myself to throw up (let me tell you i used to read articles about bulimia thinking why the hell would someone do that and its strange to think i did it).
    I got addicted to fast food where i would have it nearly everyday, even though i said to myself i'm not going to go out and buy it over and over again. It was like someone was literally pushing me out the door to go get it so i could stuff myself!
    Any drug abuser or person with food issues would sympathise with each other despite the big difference between the two! I definitely would understand more where an alcoholic or drug abuser is coming from and wouldn't be like most people who say 'just quit' without realising just how hard it really is, and this comes from my issues with food... Furthermore, i'm quite slim! I couldn't imagine eating myself into morbid obesity! Poor people just can't control themselves or i guess they just don't want to admit that they have a problem...