Monday, January 31, 2011

Whitney Houston BET Celebration of Gospel - "I Look to You" [Watch]

How great did Whitney Houston look last night on BET’s Celebration of Gospel? Not only did my girl Whitney Houston look good but she also sounds might fine (Especially considering all she’s been through).

Kim Burrell started Whitney’s “I Look to You” singing in a way that only Kim could. With her twists and turns of the syllables like she was the Gospel version of Ella Fitzgerald. When Whitney stepped out and sang a few bars the audience with NUTS! I knew she was coming out and I still gave her a standing ovation just on her entry alone. Gone are the days of her birdlike soprano but my goodness she still has “it”.

Not only does Whitney still posses that indefinable “it” but now she has something even more powerful. She has a testimony! A real life testimony of your trials and how God brought you through is powerful. Needless to say Whitney and Kim gave me goose bumps and had my nose running (that happens when I get filled with emotion).

I’m still praying for Whitney but it’s obvious that she has also started to pray for herself.

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