Monday, February 7, 2011

Christiana Aguilera - National Anthem [WATCH] Superbowl

If you woke up this morning asking yourself was Christina Aguilera really that bad singing the National-Anthem at the Superbowl, here it is. Oh and that answer is yes, she really was that bad. Actually Miss Aguilera was even more horrible than I originally thought. She flub a line and it really went down hill from there. She never recovered not to mention some blown notes here and there in the beginning.

To give her credit she has sung the National-Anthem before and didn't sound as awful.This was the Superbowl one of the biggest televised events. Not to mention the huge crowd that was there and she did it live! She didn't use a backing track or any type of band. I think she should have considered at least some music to keep her on track and possibly on key. I do respect that she sang live but Lea Michele also sang live and in front of the same crowd. She did use music and her song was not as difficult as Christina's.


  1. I heard that because of the importance most artists pre-record themselves. I wonder why she didn't do that?

  2. Christina is a pretty good singer...maybe a little over confidence got the best of her. I guess only Xtina knows the answer though.

    I do accept her apology but I will continue to laugh.