Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ruben Studdard & David Foster - HOME [LIVE

Before I go into how great this song/performance is, I will address my absence from blogging. I miss blogging as much as some of you miss disagreeing with me. I've been working a regular 9 to 5 (more like 8 to 5) in my little cubicle, with a view of suburbia. I'm actually enjoying it, how about that? I'm going to try to make my way back to blogging as well though.

Back to the music . . . Ruben Studdard singing Michael Buble's "Home" with legendary Producer David Foster on the piano and introduction of the song. This is live from David Foster & Friends Hit Man Returns. My boy big Ruuuuuben (although much smaller than his days on Idol) tears into this sucker. He is singing like his life is depending on it. He's singing how I wanted him to sing when he released his first album. Ruben Studdard brings it like never seen/heard before. After this performance I can say that Ruben Studdard has finally found out what type of singer he is; a big voice smooth soulful singer.

Enjoy. . .

Tell me what do you think of Ruben's performance? Did he make it his own or what?

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