Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jordin Sparks Needs R Kelly

Jordin Sparks performance was good in the Movie Sparkle. Oscar worthy? Not a chance but it was a good performance and a good movie. I'm a fan of the original and I liked the 2012 version of Sparkle even more.

Just like the original version of Sparkle; the music is what really drive the film. The remakes of the songs were a bit tired with Carmen Ejogo on lead because of her limited vocal range. However the originals with Jordin Sparks on lead was fascinating. It was due to a great music partnership of writer and producer R. Kelly and former Idol winner, the big voice Jordin Sparks. 

The performance of "One Wing" is the reason why Jordin Sparks needs R Kelly. For the first time ever she sang with SOUL. I've always loved Jordin Sparks but I always looked at her as a young Celine Dion. Never a Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey type singer. Celine Dion has a big voice and can sing but she doesn't have Soul. Whitney and Mariah can easily sing Pop or Soul. 

Not only is Jordin Sparks singing with Soul in "One Wing" but it's finally a big ballad that doesn't make her sound "Adult Contemporary" which really is a insult for someone so young. This sounds like a modern ballad. I hope when Jordin Spark starts to work on her new album, she enlist the talents of R. Kelly. 

Listen to "One Wing" and I believe you will believe that Jordin needs R. Kelly.

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