Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Melanie Fiona - The MF Life (Album Review)

Melanie Fiona is at her best singing as a scorn lover and singing “baby, baby please” type songs. She comes out strong with 4AM which has the same melodramatic feel as fellow Canadian artist Drake’s “Marvins Room”. However on “Wrong Side of a Love Song” is where Melanie really shines. Those deep soul vocals of a Gladys Knight or Dorothy Moore (Misty Blue) that allows you to believe everything she’s singing. This is her bread and butter. Unfortunately Melanie doesn’t give us enough of her bread and butter; instead she falls in the same trap of Alicia Keys (trying to make a hit instead of just good music).

Even guest appearances by popular featured guy J. Cole, B.o.B, T-Pain, and the extremely talented Nas can’t help her get that ‘hit’ song. The best featured comes from smooth R&B piano man John Legend on L.O.V.E. With a piano driven beat: Melanie’s husky vocals and John Legend’s smooth vocals blends easily. It has the same feel as Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes “Wake up everybody” or Stevie Wonder’s “Loves in Need of Love”; love your brother (sister) type song.
Watch Me Work” works well as a contemporary Funky R&B song. It has a killer drum beat that is made for dancing. Melanie also sounds great on the island sounding “Can’t Say I Never Loved You” which she effortlessly handles. It gives me the same feel as “Somebody Come Get Me” and takes her back to the music and sound she had before she was signed (when she was known as Syren Hall).

Melanie Fiona (She is beautiful)
The lead single “Gone and Never Coming Back” works really well. It’s also her bread and butter type of song. I love the melody of “Bones” but it never comes full circle. She could have made better use of the great music. I also don’t like the recording of her vocals on this track.

At the end it’s really not a bad album. I love me some Melanie Fiona! She doesn't try too hard for the hits but it could have been much better with her staying true to her sound. Scorn lover, “baby, baby please”, and reggae inspired R&B is when she’s at her best. That soulful, husky, dark tone of hers is made for SOUL music. Her debut album “The Bridge” was much better but this isn't horrible and I don’t regret that I purchased it.

Best Tracks:
Wrong Side of a Love Song
Gone and Never Coming Back
Watch Me Work
Can’t Say I Never Loved You

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