Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Views on Music & Life by Demetrius “afreshmuisc” Williams

These are my unfiltered opinions. Please feel free to agree or disagree in the comment sections.

As I listen to Elle Varner and the great Bettye LaVette newest albums: I sit and think of the state of music. It’s not looking good when most artists sound just alike. Those few moments I do turn on the radio, I can never tell who is singing the song. Everybody sounds alike and that is how the record labels like it. Fortunately Elle Varner and Bettye LaVette give me artistry in their music.

Speaking of music: When will Jennifer Hudson put out a great album? With the backing of one of the most influential men in music (Clive Davis), how can she not in two albums put out one stellar album? Jennifer has an amazingly powerful voice. She has had a couple of songs that I really enjoyed but she still hasn’t produced any real hits. Maybe Clive Davis is the problem? There will never be another Whitney Houston!

I was going to review R. Kelly’s “Write Me Back” but it’s not all that good. It’s not horrible but I prefer not to waist anyone’s time. He’s way too talented to be putting out grade C albums. Although with “Green Light” and “Share My Love” he still reminds the listener that he is still the King of R&B.

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I was recently duped out of over $100.00. I was talked into buying $142.00 worth of beauty products. I spent $90.00 on a product that is offered on Amazon for $13.98. I feel like an idiot. I seriously believe that Premier by Dead Sea Premier Mall Kiosks are the devil or affiliated with the illuminati (lol). I think I will write more about this later. I want to warn people that are out Christmas shopping, not to make the same mistake I made.

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