Monday, January 28, 2013

Music That Will See You "Through"

Some people do their best writing when in a sad or depressed mood.  I’m not one of those people.  I do my best thinking and praying when in those moods other than happy.  I won’t say that I've been depressed but a state of frustration, definitely!

My faith in Jesus Christ is what gets me through those moments of sadness and times of frustration. While leaning on Christ, I have dug quite deep into my music bucket.

I have come up with a list of songs that has helped me get “through”. I wanted to share a list of my favorites for this season of frustration.

  1. Stay Saved – Canton Jones
  2. I’m Just A Nobody – The Williams Brothers
  3. I Can Go To God in Prayer – Albertina Walker
  4. Precious Memories – Aretha Franklin & James Cleveland
  5. Lord Don’t Move My Mountain – Inez Andrews
  6. That Will Be Good Enough For Me – Rance Allen
  7. True To Myself – Eric Benet
  8. It Took A Long Time – Labelle
  9. I Need Your Glory – Earnest Pugh
  10. All Night, All Day – Clay Evans

As you may or may not notice. These ten are a collection of old school Gospel, new school Gospel and R&B music. It’s something about Gospel music that always does a little better in helping me along my journey. 

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