Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Views on Music & Life by Demetrius “afreshmuisc” Williams

Cubicle Hell
It’s been a while since I blogged and even longer since I shared my views on music and life. I keep promising to write more but I’m not sure how anyone who has a regular 9 to 5 also finds time to blog. Oh, I guess they make time and I make time to listen to music. Writing was always my passion but listening to music is much more relaxing.

Speaking of regular 9 to 5’s, I’ll have more time since I resigned from my job yesterday. My friends will not be surprise that after two years that I resigned from my position but now it’s public knowledge.

Now back to the music…

I don’t know how in the world I never featured the fabulous voice of Dianne Reeves on this page before. Her vocal skills are just effortless and the music will relax every bone in your body. I recommend you take a listen to her. She’s what I call real a real Jazz vocalist! She’s not a singer that sings Jazz but wants to cross over to Pop music. She’s the real deal baby!

Speaking of Pop singers; Rihanna had a concert in Chicago and was four hours late! My sister who is a huge fan of Rihanna said that it was like a huge party for four hours before the Rihanna made her entrance. I’m sorry but I don’t care what type of environment it was in the building, I’m not waiting on anyone for FOUR hours. That’s why I like to go see legends; they are on time because you know senior citizens have to be in bed at a certain time. HA!

Speaking of Divas and Senior Citizens; The Fresh Music Page would like to wish Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan a Happy Belated Birthday! The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin turned 71 and the Funk Queen, Chaka Khan turned 60! They both are amazing artists and both are still doing their thing. Today is Diana Ross’ birthday, Miss Ross turns 69 today!
Photo Credit: the facebook of Chaka Khan

I’ve always known Aries was a powerful zodiac sign but 3 mega divas in one month (WOW). Another diva who is not quite a senior citizen, Miss Mariah Carey will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow.

While we are talking about Mariah Carey, did you hear that some of her fans started attacking Kelly Price on twitter? Supposedly Kelly Price made a negative comment (which later turned out to be false) about Mariah Carey’s vocals as of lately. Of course Miss Carey fans went into attack. You think Beyonce fans can be vicious with the attacks, don’t you mess with those lambs (the name Mariah calls her fans)! I rather not repeat some of the things that were said on twitter but a quick google search and you can read for yourself. 

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