Sunday, May 12, 2013

Married to Medicine Is The Reality TV Version of Dynasty! - My Run Down

L-R: Dr. Jackie, Quad, Toya, Mariah, Kari & Dr. SImone

Lately I’ve been indulging in some reality TV! I know it’s bad and I tell myself it’s bad but it’s so good! It’s like a real life Dynasty! Complete with slapping and wig pulling.

Those “Married to Medicine” women are the worst ones. They truly believe they are better than others because of their husband’s title and in two of them, their own titles (Yes, two medical doctors). They also sent a party up with the hair pulling and just a straight beat down.

If you’re watching “Married to Medicine” everyone thought Quad would be the first one involved in a fight. NO! It was my girl Miss Mariah Huq and Miss Trashy Toya. I love me some Mariah though even though she’s just as bad and ignorant as all the other ladies on the show. Well Dr. Jackie isn’t as ignorant as the others in respect to hair pulling and things of the like but she’s pretty much a witch with a capital B!

I don’t understand how everyone was Mariah’s friend to begin with but everyone except Quad is taking Toya side. Toya clearly tossed a glass at Mariah and Mariah did what any person would do and defended herself. However, it was truly hilarious when Mariah’s mother jumped in the fight and start beating Toya on the head with that purse.

Yes it was all so incredibly ignorant but I laughed until tears were rolling down my face.

Also is it me or does Mariah remind you an awful lot of Tamar Braxton? They are so extra, trying to be classy but are clearly so very ‘hood. I love them both!

That Kari is something else too. The only white skin on the show and Kari is just as ignorant and trashy as the worst person in any urban ghetto! She has had so much plastic surgery and looks as if she’s around 65! I’m not sure if she’s borderline racist or just a hard core elitist like Dr. Jackie.

I'm still feeling Dr. Simone out but she is a bit ratchet as well. She may have a drinking problem because she's always looking for some Vodka. Even going as far as bringing it to a party just so she'll know that it's there. Also how about her kicking her husbands nephew out the house? She tried to play it off like it was the best thing for him but I think that could have been handled different. Seriously is your finances that bad that you can't afford your nephew? I thought you were the high and mighty successful Doctor? Cliff and Claire let Pam live with them (referring to the Cosby show).

I have so many questions and things to say about this show. Like, why is Toya pushing her husband to get that house built? It seems like they really don’t have the money for it. Trashy Toya has the case of trying to keep up with the Jones or should I say Miss Mariah? 

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