Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Review of Married to Medicine Season 1, Episode 8

L-R: Dr. Jackie, Quad, Toya, Mariah, Kari & Dr. SImone

Well I finally seen episode 8 of “Married to Medicine”. Dr. Jackie seems more like a real person and maybe she’s not the witch with a capital B that she appeared to be in previous episodes. She actually seemed to be a real person. Maybe it was the doubt that she had with her Lemon Squeeze that made her seem like a person that had more than one dimension.

Dr. Simone seems earthy but the jury is still out on her intentions. I feel that she jumped sides way to fast to be considered a true friend to Mariah. I’m glad that Mariah was able to express why she was hurt by Dr. Simone’s actions after the situation.

I’m so very glad that Miss Quad brought it down a few notches because she was giving me 100MPH in a 25MPH lane. After her outing with her old girlfriends who are not Doctors and DR. Wives, it gave us viewers the chance to see she’s still adjusting to her new life.

I just have one big side eye to Dr. Duncan and Kari.
Mariah Huq
I wish Mariah could have adjusted her speed like Quad. It was moments where she slowed down, like with Dr. Simone but she was still giving me about 75MPH in that 25MPH lane. Men and women are definitely different with how they deal with that type of situation. I thought Mariah had a good point when she said she would just ignore Toya’s presence. However, Mariah never really did that; Mariah was busy throwing all types of shade. This was not a good look at all.

Mariah definitely loves some Mariah. Hell, I love Mariah too but I don’t understand why Mariah must have everyone love her. It’s hard when you know you’re a great friend but the people you call friends seems to be lacking. I think everyone has had a friend or in her case a group of friends where you feel like you’re giving more than the other. However, Dr. Simone husband made a great point when he said you have to accept people for who they are. Mariah’s friends have all showed their true colors and if she wants to remain friends with them, she is going to have to accept them for those true colors. They are never going to be the type of friend that she is to them. That’s why you don’t go telling your personal business to people with a bad track record.

From the glimpse of the next episode, Mariah might need to let go of her mama’s hand. Sometimes parents can give bad advice because they don’t know the full story. They only know your side and therefore as a parent they are trying to protect you. They don’t give 2cents about your friend. Parents are like cheerleaders, they are there to give you encouragement but advice with your friends they sometimes lack the ability to see both sides. The cheerleaders will never cheer for an opposing team but they will make fun of them if they fail.

I can’t wait to see the next episode with the battle between Trashy Toya and Miss Quad. It looks like they both have skeletons. From a previous episode we already know about the incident with Quad and her husband Dr. Eugene. What we  don’t know is Trashy Toya and her husband getting into an accident while intoxicated? 

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