Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Olivia Pope of Scandal is Detrimental to Women

Scandal is confusing some impressionable viewers. I always hear people complain about rap music and even Barbie but where are those people when it comes to Scandal? Let me tell you I love me some Scandal but I am getting tired of this love affair Olivia Pope is having with the President.

Are we seriously going to paint Olivia Pope as a strong woman when she gets used by the President? Olivia Pope is not an example of a strong woman by all standards she is an example of a SKANK! She’s having an affair with the President who is a married man.

How dare Olivia say to the President “You have to earn me”? No, you need to go find a man that’s not married. I really need Shonda Rhimes and the writers to move on from this story line because it is tiresome. I can careless about arrogant President and his Mistress Olivia Pope.

I do however want to know if Huck will ever find his family and I want to see Olivia and her team of rule breaking lawyers help other people out of their scandals. I want the First Lady to divorce the President and run for President and win. There are a lot of things I want to see but Olivia Pope being a Mistress and patted on the back for talking strong but getting banged in closets by a married man who happens to be the President is not one of them.

If Rap music and Barbie is detrimental to women then surely Olivia Pope is to! 

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