Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Battle of The Best - En Vogue, Destiny Child, & TLC - You Vote!

Here is the battle: En Vogue, Destiny Child, and TLC

Between the three TLC is the best selling girl group and out of all girl groups they are 2nd behind the Spice Girls (yuck). TLC has sold more than 55 million albums. Destiny Child has sold over 50 million albums and En Vogue more than 20 million albums.

Personally I’m going with En Vogue even though I absolutely love TLC because they made really solid albums and I had thing for Destiny Child.

En Vogue had to be the prettiest girl group of all time. TLC and Destiny Child were cute but En Vogue was full of sex kittens. Out of all three groups, En Vogue also has the best harmonies. There was not one weak singer in the group. Terry, Dawn, Max, and Cindy could all lead a song. Don’t forget they also had choreography that sent all the little girls to the mirror to practice!

Destiny Child led by the super fine Beyonce and whoever her dad wanted to put next to her. Kelly Rowland was of course a constant member. They had several hits and seemed to be everywhere for a time. If En Vogue is known for their harmonies, Destiny Child has to be known for the choreography. They had the moves!

TLC was so different! Like En Vogue they never had a true leader. They all brought something special to the group. T-Boz had the unique husky voice, Left Eye brought the rhymes and Chili gave us those smooth vocals and was considered the beauty of the group. They sung, danced, and rapped.
So go ahead and tell me who did it the best?

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