Friday, May 24, 2013

The Rise of Obama: and how it’s the Republican’s Fault

President Barack Obama

Tired of President Barack Obama? Well, place your blame on the entire Republican Party but especially the Illinois Republican party.  This is one dream that could have been deferred if only the Illinois Republican party was smarter.

While Chicago is a mostly Democratic city, the rest of Illinois leans a bit more conservative compared to their big city neighbor. It is possible for a good Republican candidate to win in Illinois. Unfortunately when Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald retired from Illinois politics, the Republican Party was caught unprepared to fill his spot with a credible person.

After Jack Ryan dropped out of the race due to his divorce records getting out and outing him as a freaky guy that liked to visit sex clubs much to his famous wife (Jeri Ryan) dismay, who did the National Republican party replace him with? Alan Keyes is who the National Republican party replaced him with. Alan Keyes was the biggest joke and the worst display of racial politics. The Republican Party thought they would challenge a black politician with another black politician. Fortunately the good people of Illinois are not that stupid.

Barack Obama went on to slay Alan Keyes with 70% of the vote. Obama became the first African American man to become Senator of Illinois and the second African-American to hold that title (Carol Moseley Braun being the first). How did the big eared, funny name Obama rise to such a position? The dysfunctional Republican party!

The rest as they say is history!

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