Monday, June 10, 2013

High School Drop Out Making $200,000 - Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden - Douchebag of the Year
I have been reading more into the story of Edward Snowden the Ex-CIA worker that snitched on the government and I’m pissed! It may not be what you think for though. I am not pissed at the American Government for spying on American citizens. I could care less if they see who I call or even who I email. I’m not into any illegal activity.

What I am pissed off at is they paid this Edward Snowden guy $200,000 a year and he’s a high school drop out. Yes, you read that right! This douchebag was making $200,000 a year and owned a home in Hawaii.

As a college graduate with an above average GPA, I have not made that much in my lifetime as of yet! I want an investigation to find out how many other high school drop outs do they have on their payload. What qualifications do they have that hard working college graduates with thousands of dollars of loans do not have? Obviously it’s not because they can keep secrets.

It is said that after dropping out of high school he went on to receive his G.E.D. Which has always been referred to as the "Good Enough Diploma". I'm not knocking anyone who received their G.E.D but I don't think anyone with a G.E.D. should be working for the Federal Government making $200,000 a year while there are many degree holding people barely making it.

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  1. Agreed! This guy is a douchebag and I hope he goes to jail or dies. He is such a POS. He has leaked much more than we know about and the Guardian is slowly releasing more information. This guy is putting a lot of lives at risk with his bullshit. He is totally immature and lacks consideration for people around the globe.