Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm No Expert On Local News But You're No Diann Burns!

I’m no expert on television news but I watch a lot of it.  I've always loved the local news and in Chicago the on air talent are viewed as a sort of celebrity (I find it strange).  Personally no woman anchor was bigger than Diann Burns during her run with ABC 7 Chicago.  She had it all; style, grace, and intellect.  I don’t think there has been one news anchor to follow her that has quite made their mark like she did. She could do hard hitting news stories and was just as good at the news fluff or the anchor to anchor babble. She came across as warm, personable, and trustworthy. 

I always thought Cheryl Burton was the next in line.  Intelligent and easy on the eyes but she doesn't come across as too friendly (I don’t know her personally but this is just what I get from the TV to my living room).  Cheryl Burton has been on ABC 7 so long that she has become part of the family but in all families you have that one person nobody really likes but you love them because well you are stuck with them. Maybe she should try smiling more? It feels like I'm being mean to her so I will follow up with a compliment she dresses very nicely.

 Robin Robinson on Fox Chicago has been around for quite a long time. I absolutely love her but she mostly comes off a little harsh.  She’s solid at the hard news but not too great at the babble and extremely opinionated.  Don’t forget she once said on air there were no Santa Claus (Robin, I love you but that’s not your business to tell).

I just knew Fox Chicago was grooming Tamron Hall then morning news anchor to take over Robin’s spot. Unfortunately for Chicago she left us for CNN.  I was always a big fan of Tamron’s and I even catch her on CNN from time to time.  She was no Diann Burns but she could have made her own mark on the evening news.

Everyone seems to love Kathy Brock of ABC 7, I don’t dislike or like her. I just notice my mom always says she repeats her clothes too much. Even though that has nothing to do with delivering the news but if people notice maybe you should consider buying a few more suits. She does have great on air chemistry with Ron Magers though. Hey and they are always number 1 in the ratings. Can’t hate on the dynamic duo, right?

Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love reporter/fill in Anchor Nancy Loo of WGN. She should be anchoring morning news!  I always enjoyed when she would anchor with Patrick Elwood of Fox Chicago. Nancy Loo kills them all with the friendly factor.  She’s the type of person you would want to invite to family get-togethers.

Now here is my list of talented ladies, I feel that have what it takes to be the next superstars of Chicago local news. Chicago is known for its nepotism so of course Karen Jordan on ABC 7 is leading the pack (Her father is Bob Jordan on WGN).  She’s a little plain Jane but she comes off quite well from TV to my living room. I would love to see more of NBC 5 reporter Michelle Relerford. She gives me young and fresh almost like a follow up to Tamron Hall.

If you enjoyed this post, just wait until I give you my worst reporters and anchors on Chicago news. 

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