Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where is Your Faith?

I recently read an article asking where God is in the mist of the violence that is affecting African-Americans.  The question should not be where God is but where is your faith? My faith is in the lord and even when you praise the lord, things do not always go your way. For your ways are not the lord ways. Through centuries of brutal treatment, I believe that it is our (African-Americans) faith that helped us see our way through.

Thefoolish will say that there is no God because the God of peace would not let people suffer the way they are suffering now.  However, that same foolish person that claims that there is no God will never say there are no Doctors.  If there is no God then there is no Doctors because people 
wouldn't suffer the way they suffer, correct? God is the creator but he gives us free will. It is your choice rather to come to God and just because you come it doesn't mean that you will live a life with no troubles.  Being a Christian does not mean that everyday will be sunny but there is some rain to make you appreciate the sun.

You may ask “Where is God?” but I’ll ask “Where is your faith”?

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