Friday, August 9, 2013

Kelly Price Bad Attitude & A Bully! - R&B Divas LA

Kelly Price
I always suspected that Kelly Price had a bad attitude. You know how you can just tell that someone has a stank attitude? Well, it was confirmed on R&B Diva’s LA! Kelly Price attitude is not only stank but she appears to be a bully as well.  Basically threatening Chante Moore by bringing a bag of Timberlands, Vaseline, and a straight razor!

Kelly is making herself look horrible! Nobody likes people with bad attitudes but we especially don’t like bullies! Someone needs to tell Kelly Price to grow up! I guess every reality show needs a bully.

I’m so happy the very beautiful Chante Moore stood up for herself. She stood up for herself and still kept it classy. Many women could learn a few things from Chante! Although Chante did state she wasn’t afraid of Kelly and she would fight her. I have to be real and my money would be on Kelly Price in an actual fight.  I mean the woman is a size too big to be a man and a size too small to be a bull. She could easily play defensive linemen for many NFL teams.

If I was giving out Rachet Awards, Miss Price would be on the top of the ballot. 

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