Friday, September 27, 2013

Back From Hiatus - Check Out I'm Not An Expert But...

I’ve been on a hiatus with the blog but as you can tell from the last post, I’m back! I took a little time for myself but also on a different creative endeavor.  I teamed up with a good friend for a chat fest via youtube. The show is called; “I’m Not An Expert But…” I felt a little left out with Tamar Braxton and even Kris Jenner getting talk shows! Although I’ve read several reports that Kris Jenner show has not been picked up and therefore her show unlike mine will never be seen again.

As any reader of this blog knows, I have opinions and sometimes controversial opinions that go against the grain.  The talk show allows me to share those opinions but sometimes get a different opinion thrown back at me from my co-host Ajani.

From L-R: My Co-host Ajani & Myself 
I ask that you check our latest show out. We are discussing the anniversary of the March on Washington as well as black women and natural hair. 

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