Friday, September 27, 2013

Jennifer Hudson (featuring T.I.) - I Can't Describe

I knew it would happen soon! Jennifer Hudson releasing another “dance track”. This time Clive Davis hooks Jennifer Hudson with Pharrell who is riding off a “Blurred Lines” high and rapper T.I. for a throwback feel, dance track that reminds one of Tamar Braxton’s “The One”.

I understand why Clive Davis keeps pushing Jennifer with these dance tracks (that’s what’s hot) but I don’t understand why he doesn’t realize that this isn’t Jennifer’s field. It always seems forced to me. It’s a decent track but far away from a master hit like “Blurred Lines” and also pales in comparison to Tamar Braxton’s “The One”.

Hardcore Jennifer Hudson fans will purchase it but if you’re not a hardcore fan, I’ll be surprise if you purchase this.

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