Friday, November 8, 2013

Battle of The Diva’s – 5 Feud’s You May Not Know About

Way before K. Michelle versus Tamar Braxton, there have been diva (and Divo) showdowns. Here are a five most people don’t know about.

Roberta Flack, Sarah Vaughan, and Peggy Lee VS. Aretha Franklin – Obviously from the names you can tell this is some straight old school Diva drama.  Quincy Jones writes in his book that during the taping of a tribute to Duke Ellington in 1972, the other ladies were giving Aretha a hard time because she didn’t read music and wouldn’t wear the same color dress as them.  Quincy says and we have proof that Aretha decided to just knock them dead with her voice. While the other ladies did a marvelous job, Aretha really was the star of the show.

Dionne Warwick VS. Patti Labelle – Dionne Warwick, Patti Labelle, and Gladys Knight recorded a HBO special together (Sisters In The Name Of Love).  Patti says in her book during their break Dionne Warwick comes in her dressing room and ask Patti not to sing so loud.  To me it sounds like Patti is just a bit sensitive but like Aretha, Patti used that huge voice of hers anyway.  Every segment that the three ladies sang together, Patti gave it her all.  The ladies made up after Patti’s book was released.  Dionne says she didn’t realize that she hurt Patti’s feelings.

Luther Vandross VS. Aretha Franklin – Back in the 1980’s Luther worked as producer on two of Aretha’s albums.  They were in the studio recording and Luther wanted Aretha to sing a note one way and she didn’t agree with it.  Luther never one to back down from a Diva fight, stated that he was the producer and was responsible for her comeback in the 80’s therefore she should do it his way.  The Queen of Soul was not having anybody taking credit for any of her body work and responded that he was the one listening to the radio learning from her as a child not the other way around and she apparently she did the greatest Diva exit ever.  Eventually these two Soul stars got it together and were friends again after Luther apologize on the demand of Clive Davis (who was paying Luther).

Luther Vandross VS. En Vogue – Man the Big L was always into it with somebody.  This time En Vogue was hired as his opening act on tour.  Luther made them sign contracts that they wouldn’t wear certain colors such as red or anything that sparkled because he didn’t want their act to take away from what his background singers were wearing.  En Vogue also wanted to move their band off stage to give them more room to perform.  Luther said that it would make it difficult for his band to set up since they were also off stage.  It got so bad that Divo Luther put up a curtain to separate them backstage.  That way he didn’t have to ever see them. En Vogue called Luther, Lucifer behind his back. A member of En Vogue accidentally crossed the dividing curtain and Luther called the police on them! 

Diana Ross VS. Cher – Diana Ross and Cher were once good friends until Diana Ross stole Cher’s man.  Guess who the guy was? Gene Simmons of KISS!  No wonder it seems like Diana Ross has few friends. Although Diana insists that Cher and Gene were broken up before they started dating. Still friends don’t do other friends exes. Guess nobody told Miss Ross that.

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